Mommy's 'Lectures' To Kanda

Anu Anniah
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Are you a parent? Are you planning to be one? Do you know someone who is a parent? No?

Ouf! How do I make you read this book? Wait - you have parents. Perfect!

If you said yes to one or more questions, this book might be worth a read.
I am a parent. With over 140,000 hours of parenting experience, maybe I am qualified to say a thing or two about parenting. I started writing this book as a ready reckoner for my teenage daughter. That poor kid listens to some of these in a loop most days. Apparently, verbal torture is not enough. I must inflict torture in print as well.

As I began to talk to friends, I realized most of what I’ve written here is common across gender and geography. And that’s how this book was born.
To all parents out there – you are not alone. To all kids out there – see, we are not the only parents ‘lecturing’ you. It is universal.

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  • Size805 KB
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Mommy's 'Lectures' To Kanda

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